Complete Analog and IP surveillance solutions 

Analog megapixal Cameras/ Multi-Sensors Cameras 

IP Cameras/ Multi-sensors Cameras 

Blackjack™ NVR, Spectrum™ VMS, MEGApix® cameras, VMAX™ digital video recorders, etc.

 SECURITY DOOR CONTROLS develops, manufactures and markets mechanical door locks and exit devices, access controls, electronic locking devices and security systems worldwide. 

A leader in the innovation of products within the electronic security and architectural openings industries, SDC holds scores of patents and trademarks. SDC’s locking systems can be found in virtually any application where access control of a door is required; for example, industrial, commercial, retail facilities, technology centers, high-rise buildings, nuclear power plants, laboratories, museums, art galleries, libraries, schools and universities, airports and transportation facilities, government centers and military bases throughout the world.

EDUCATIONAL: · School Communication System · Multi-Zone Paging System · Time Control System · Public Address Systems · Telephone Systems · Intercom Systems · Program Distribution Systems

HEALTH CARE: · Visual Nurse Call Systems · Audio/Visual Nurse Call Systems · Emergency Call Systems ·

CORRECTIONAL and SECURITY: · Audio Surveillance System · Security Communication Systems · Security Intercom Stations · Vandal-Proof Stations · Visitation Telephone System · Deliberation Room Intercom System · Building Management · Rescue Assistance Systeems · Door Monitor Systems


TIME CONTROL SYSTEM: · Master Clocks · Digital Clocks · Analog Clocks · IP Analog & Digital Clocks

CONTROLLED DISCUSSION SYSTEM: · Delegate & Chairman Units · Operator Control using Visual Console

LANGUAGE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM: Enables multiple translated languages to be transmitted to delegates throughout a conference facility

Corsair HMI

SECURITY INTEGRATION SOFTWARE: For security and building management application. Integrates the following systems:  · Security Intercom Systems - Audio Surveillance - Door Control - Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) - CCTV Systems - Guard Tour - Alarm Monitoring - and other system interfaces

The VoiceGate Dynamic Server (DS)™ is a powerful Alarm / Event Management system that controls and tracks all critical and non critical events in any Retirement / Assisted Living, Long Term / Critical Care Facility.

VoiceGateDS™ Delivers Unparalleled Voice & Data Interconnectivity.....In One Seamlessly Integrated Unified Communication & Reporting Solution.

Workflow Efficiency. 
• Increased Resident Safety. • Streamlined Communication.• Higher Occupancy Rates.• Improved Bottom Line.

Protocols Supported:
• DTMF • Caller ID • Comp2 • SIP • TAP • TDM • Text to Speech • XML • Custom specific    Tel: 905-235-8119